Wordpress authentication with core PHP,Mysql website

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Wordpress authentication with core PHP,Mysql website

Job description:

I need someone to integrate the wordpress authentication onto a side small website. This includes the following functionalities... Log in/out Create new account Change password Profile/account page All the html pages are created already. Just need someone to apply authentication using our existing wordpress database.

I have created this website in corePHP and used wordpress database for this. 2websites and 1database


Magnitude makes STEM education exciting for teachers and students with a satellite that fits in a soda can: the CanSat. Extend the in-class experience of Science and Mathematics with a turn-key instrumented CanSat, and finish your semester with a high powered rocket launch or high altitude balloon. This is a complete hands-on experience mapped to Common Core and Next Generation Science standards by UC Davis, School of Education. Flight ready hardware, lesson plans, and student labs are included.

The curriculum covers learning about instrument sensors such as accelerometers, barometric, humidity, temperature, magnetometer sensors, and GPS. Students will learn about mission planning, Data analysis, mission hypothesis, science communication and science writing.

  • Category :Php
  • Client :Tony
  • Domain :http://classroom.magnitude.io

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